Cubo Gas Options for Fuelling NGVs

Cubo Gas
 A global leading Player in designing, manufacturing and servicing CNG compressor and CNG filling station.
Primary Markets: Retail service stations, 
high-volume retailers, commercial fleet fueling, compressed natural gas, CNG and renewable fuels
In CNG system selection process, product experience matters.
First of all, Customer needs proven technology and reliable performances…something that can't be developed overnight!!

  • first installation for CNG purpose in 1929….
  • 250 bar discharge pressure achieved in 1939…
  • more than 2000 CNG stations provided worldwide.
  • We've been building CNG compressors for over 75 years…
  • you won't find anyone with more experience in the field.
  • Complete turn-key solution offer, engineering, manufacturing, commissioning & 
  • start-up
  • Unique responsibility for assembly, packaging and full load testing
  • Workshop & on-the-job Training
  • Unparallel after sales service, thanks to a global network presence
  • CUBOGAS technical advantages:
  • LONGER LIFE OF SEALING ELEMENTS through an effective cooling of cylinder bore by forced circulation of fresh water in suitably designed cylinder jackets and friction heat removal by incoming fresh gas (this second effect can only be   attained if the piston stroke is made significantly greater than the piston length). 
  • HIGHER RELIABILITY of components whose life depends on cycles, typically cylinder valves, with longer maintenance intervals and less maintenance costs,  and crank mechanism thanks to its more robust design.


Predictive Maintenance gives us a way to operate on our compressors remotely, using SMS system enabling the monitoring of most important parameters.
All parameters are verified in real time and can be investigated any abnormal data not match with normal thresholds. In case it should happen, the system launches a warning as an automatically generated e-mail/SMS informing Dresser CUBOGAS CNG Service about working problem to the unit verified in order to react quickly avoiding damages and long shut down.
  • Safety devices status
  • Vibration analysis 
  • Station liquid levels
  • Compressor Pressures
  • Compressor Temperatures
  • CUBOGAS™ Switches
  • Dispenser Parameters


Components Modularization


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