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    Clean Air Power Pioneer of Dual-Fuel™ Technology

    Clean Air Power
    Dual-Fuel™ Fundamentals
    Clean Air Power’s patented Dual-Fuel™ system enables heavy duty diesel engines to operate primarily on natural gas, with diesel f uel acting as a "liquid spark plug”. Minimal changes are required to the original base diesel engine and it can operate on liquef ied natural gas, compressed natural gas, bio-diesel, or biomethane.
    Additionally, engines can return to 100% diesel operation automatically when the natural gas
    supply is stopped, if this is required.
    Our Dual-Fuel system provides many great benef its f or our customers. 
    By burning up to 85% natural gas, carbon emissions produced by heavy good vehicles and commercial vehicles are exceedingly reduced. Furthermore, due to the lower cost of natural gas, Dual-Fuel ™ engines help truck operators signif icantly cut down f uel expenses and save greatly over time.

    Founded in 1991, Clean Air Power is an active technology developer with 66 patents held and
    the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Clean Air Power is now perf ectly positioned f or growth with increased f ocus by f leet operators looking f or cost pending. Operations are on a global scale, with customers in and emissions savings which our products can deliver. Our strong senior management team of f ers extensive experience and skills within the automotive sector, working with major OEMs. Clean Air Power has installed its Dual-Fuel technology on more than 1,800 vehicles around the world, some of which have been operating f or over ten years, completing over one million kilometers.

    Genesis EDGE and Interfaced Dual-Fuel Technology
    Dual-Fuel™ technology is controlled electronically by Clean Air Power’s HAWK™ electronic control unit (ECU) using patented
    control algorithms and Controller Area Network (CAN) communication with the OEMs engine management system (EMS).
    The level of communication with the OEM’s EMS def ines the two main types of Dual-Fuel™ product: Genesis Edge and Interf aced.

    Genesis-EDGE Dual-Fuel™ Technology Genesis Edge is an af ter-market product which requires no OEM cooperation and has been proven operationally to deliver 60% substitution of the diesel with natural gas.
    The company has been successf ul with its Genesis EDGE Dual-Fuel retro-f it product, which has been developed f or easy application to Euro III and Euro V trucks. Developments are in the pipeline to ensure the Company stays ahead of the emissions regulations.

    Genesis technology:
    enables a rapid start-up natural gas operation of commercial vehicle f leets is available on Euro 5 Volvo FH/FM13 vehicles, and Euro 3 Mercedes Axor vehicles
    delivers a robust and pragmatic f irst step to operate commercial diesels on natural or bio gas communicates with the vehicle control system, giving control of diesel f uelling and retaining all OEM vehicle f eatures such as SCR (AdBlue), cruise control, traction control, electronic gear shif ting, EBS, PTO’s and other electronic-controlled vehicle system operates on the vehicle’s own digital data network to deliver the robustness of OEM vehicle systems whilst allowing complex control sophistication to communicate with OEM vehicle systems operates in the UK and is available f or operation in Europe, Australia, and other regions where af termarket systems are acceptable

    Interfaced Dual-Fuel™ Technology
    Interf aced technology is directly interf aced with OEM EMS sof tware, delivering ultimate perf ormance, emissions, and gas substitution. 
    This requires OEM cooperation to allow ECU interf ace control.

    Interf aced technology:
    delivers in partnership with the engine OEM Here, the Dual- Fuel™ control system is interf aced seamlessly with the
    OEM’s engine controller, giving ultimate control of the engine to the Dual-Fuel™ system. This level of control delivers the
    highest levels of perf ormance and gas substitution, with the lowest levels of certif ied emissions of f ers US EPA 1998-2002 certif ied Caterpillar engines in North America, Australia, and South America

    with Interf aced Dual-Fuel™
    includes engine availability of the C-12 and C-15, with ratings f rom 400 to 500 horsepower. These engines are available to EPA 2002 Certif ication operates dedicated R&D f acilities in Leyland, Lancashire, UK and San Diego, Calif ornia, USA where the company f ocuses on developing its OEM integrated and retro-f it Dual-Fuel™ technology

    European OEM
    Clean Air Power has entered into a Supply and Development Agreement, initially f or f ive years. The agreement f ollows 3 years of close cooperation on product development. The Company announced that a European OEM product with Clean Air Power’s technology integrated within its engine was set to commence. Clean Air Power conf irms in February 2012 that production had started with European OEM product. Incorporating Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel™ technology into theses truck engines will deliver signif icant greenhouse gas emission reductions and savings compared with standard diesel engines.

    Navistar, Inc has announced plans to enter into a development agreement with Clean Air Power to develop a Dual-Fuel™ version of their Maxxf orce 13 EPA2010 engine f or the North American market.

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