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    Renato Maestri Renato Maestri

    Renato Maestri
    The Maestri Impianti S.r.l. was created in 2003 the long experience gained by the partners in manufacturers of equipment for the distribution of natural gas; since 2006, in that context, has obtained the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

    Maestri Impianti S.r.l operates in the energy sector and is able to offer all the services related to the design, implementation and maintenance of systems and metering to the use of natural gas in the civil and industrial users.

    Product and Services:
    • Design and sizing equipment for the 1st jump, groups of 2nd stage and distribution networks for utilities and industries, in compliance with the regulations.
    • Construction of stations and metering 1st stage UNI 9167/2009 - DIR. PED 97/23 CE and 2nd stage reduction units UNI 10619 - UNI 8827.
    •  The plants / units can be supplied with a metal box or other prefabricated in order to reduce the noise level.
    • Installation, testing to start plants / units supplied.
    • Renovation and retrofit installations already in service.
    • After-sales service.
    • Contracts for scheduled maintenance.
    • Rental Mobile provisional installation approved SNAM-REMI.
    • Authorized Reseller of Pietro Fiorentini SpA
    • Warehouse prompt delivery of equipment, accessories and spare parts.

    Maestri Impianti S.r.l operates throughout the national territory and its target market is made up of municipal sales and distribution of gas including:
    • Amga Azienda Multiservizi - Udine
    • A2A Reti Gas – Brescia
    • A.S. Reti Gas – Modena
    • Gas Plus Reti – Brescia
    • Gas Plus Salso – Parma
    • Hera Bologna – Bologna
    • Hera Forlì Cesena – Cescena (FC)
    • Hera Imola Faenza – Imola (BO)
    • Multiservizi – Ancona
    • Soelia – Ferrara
    • Tea SEI - Mantova
    • EGEA – Alba (CN)
    • HAM Italia - Ravenna
    • Cartiera del Polesine – Rovigo
    • Fabbro Vanni – Udine
    • Fonderia Anselmi – Padova
    • Fornovo Gas – Reggio Emilia
    • Glass Service - Pisa
    • Aspro Italy – Nonantola (MO)
    • PIKV – Torino
    • Safe – Bologna
    • Vaportermica – Udine

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