Main Projects

    CRMT Internal Combustion Engineering

    Since 2006, CRMT has supports Volpe SPA to develop innovative vehicle made to reduce significantly mobility costs and environmental pollution, and link security and comfort with young and attractive brand.
    CRMT is in charge of the entire traction drive chain and electric / electronic architecture.
    • serial hybrid moto-generator development
    • power ECU (moto-generator and electrical motor inverters) and passenger cabin (AC system, drive mode selection, parking brake, instrument panel)management
    • electrical management (motor, generator and battery)
    • energy management (thermical and electrical engine)
    • electrical management (motor, generator and battery)
    • calibration, integration et adjustment
    Projet Brandt Motors Hybrid
    Thanks to its experience on V.O.L.P.E. project, CRMT make hybridisation for Brandt Motors electrical commercial vehicule.
    CRMT is responsable for mechanical integration of moto-generator components : thermal engine, fuel tank, generator and inverter.
    Moreover, CRMT ECU is in charge of followings actions in order to secure system working :
    - Man-Machine interface running. ECU gives driver commands (acceleration, brake, rear gear,...) and restitutes system state on instrument panel.
    - energy management between power elements in order to optimize energy using inside vehicule.

    Based on its know-how in combustion, CRMT has developed a combustion chamber concept dedicated for Natural gas and based on Industrial Diesel engine. This concept repects the typical architecture constraints of this kind o engine and does not create higher temperature constraints that the ones available on Diesel engine. For example, the maximal exhaust temperatures are the same as the Diesel ones.
    CRMT can manage the complete steps of the conversion (from design to industrialisation) or only for dedicated steps on customer demands.
    The advantages of CRMT conversion are
    • reduction of pollutants emissions (Euro V, EEV)
    • reduction of greenhouse footprint (biogas)
    • reduction of fuel cost (in addition to the use of alternative fuel)
    • reduction of engine noise
    • increase of environment quality by up-to-date combustion management
    • increase of reliability
    CRMT has developed its own engine control unit which is compatible with compoentns specified by customers.
    Furhtermore, on customer request, CRMT can propose its own validated  components.
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